Floor stencil

Elevate the style of your floors with these creative floor stencil ideas. Discover how to add personality and charm to any room with stunning stencil patterns.
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When we first moved into our house 3 years ago, I couldn’t believe the size of our laundry room – It was so spacious! In fact, it was almost too big; I had no idea what to do with it. At first, it was a catch-all storage room with bad lighting. It took a couple… Read More »

Akiko Segarra
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Give your old boring patio a new life with our amazing Pebble Patio Stencil! This floor stencil pattern looks great on your cement patio or any floor! It's just as at home on a floor as it is on a stylish accent wall. Simple geometric patterns work in all color combinations so don’t be afraid to get creative! You can easily stencil some elements in a different colors using stencil brushes. Single overlay stencil Design size: 31.5" x 31.8" For stencil repeat instructions please refer to the…

Claire Huitzilin Robert Gutierrez