Food costumes for kids

Get your kids ready for Halloween with these fun and creative food costumes. From fruits to fast food, discover top ideas to make their costumes stand out and make them the star of the party.
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You know how right after you stop looking for something that's hard to find, like cuticle scissors or a cashier who appreciates a good Luis Tully impression, suddenly you find that thing everywhere? (Ok, so I'm still looking for the cashier.) That was me after my last roundup of amazingly weird kid costumes; I kept finding so many more great ones! At first I was bummed to have missed so many gems, but then I realized a second batch is exactly what we need today. What with Halloween being…

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Raise your hand if you love chocolate chip cookies?! Me too! This DIY cookie costume is easy to make for Halloween and costs less than a couple of bucks. Oh and don't forget the milk bag for the candy haul! Psst... if Oreo's are more your thing, don't miss this DIY double stuffed Oreo costume.

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I am sort giggling to myself and I write this as I had no idea I would be doing a DIY post on a cheeseburger. That wasn’t the plan! My kiddos decided very late this year on their costumes. Up until Friday night my son was planning to be a cool dude {your guess is

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