Fountain pen nibs

Discover a wide range of fountain pen nibs that offer a smooth and enjoyable writing experience. Find the perfect nib for your fountain pen and elevate your writing to a new level.
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Why are they often solid gold? And what is the difference between 14k, 18k, and 21k nibs? A fountain pen nib is the metal writing point at the end of the writing instrument. Virtually all quality fountain pens use solid gold nibs, both for their durability and for the smoothness of the writing experience they provide. Cheaper steel and gold-plated nibs, on the other hand, have

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There is nothing like a Speedball pen nib for the ease of making fluid, swirly and blocky letters. They were popular in 1933 when the Speedball Text Book was on the market (the one above is the 12th Edition); and if you tear yourself away from the computer for a few moments, they are still sold in art supply stores today. If you are nonetheless totally wed to the mouse or tablet, I herewith show you some samples – and what you’re missing. #Speedballpen #DailyHeller #typograph

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