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Rosemary-Brined, Buttermilk Fried Chicken

This is the best fried chicken, ever. There I said it. If it's not, then I want to try yours. I started paying attention to fried chicken in a serious way when I began work on the book _Ad Hoc At Home_. Ad Hoc is Thomas Keller's Napa Valley restaurant devoted to family meals. It offers one family meal each night, and everyone eats it. The fried chicken is so popular that it is served twice a week. Chefs Jeff Cerciello and Dave Cruz have tried all kinds of methods, mainly centering on the…

George Joseph
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The Best Fried Chicken

It may be bold of a Jewish Yankee (meaning me, not Sandy Koufax) to state this is the crunchiest, tastiest, juiciest, easiest and all-around best fried chicken I've ever had, but I'm gonna say it anyway. The secret is the brine and immersing the chicken in oil in either a deep fryer or deep dutch oven.

Carolyn Wagner

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