Full body lighting reference

Achieve perfect full body lighting with our ultimate guide. Find tips and ideas to enhance your photography and create stunning portraits that capture every detail.
(LIght)As you can see the preference in these photos are that of light lit from above, Even from the top left is more preferred. Light from the bottom in one of these photos is light from below and considered unnatural.  The dark shaded areas are furthest from the light source. Lighting Angles, Výtvarné Reference, Light Study, Figure Reference, Foto Tips, Skateboarder, Poses References, Figure Drawing Reference, Trik Fotografi

Description Downloads have been enabled for purchase. Count the shadows, Donna. Stay in the light, and always count the shadows. Clockwise from the Top left: - Diagonal from the bottom left - Directly in front of me - Diagonal from the side right - Upper right - Backlit from the right - Side left somewhat close to the light source - Bottom left somewhat close to the light source - Bottom left VERY close to the light source ____________________________________ Tumblr…

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Hey, Leriisa here! Welcome to my tutorial and tips for drawing, painting and post processing portrait pieces. I will be drawing in my semi-realistic s...