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We at Bored Panda are addicted to discovering new artists that could bring some fun and laughter to your daily lives. StrangeTrek comics are designed to do just that. These funny comics with dark undertones and unexpected endings are created by Roby Poche from Austin, Texas in the United States. Although they look quite random, they are oddly relatable at the same time.

Elizabeth Schultz
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Comics are quite a common sight here on Bored Panda as different authors with different kinds of content are featured fairly frequently. Some webcomics have been running for a long time, but new ones are always popping up with fresh and unseen ideas. This series called "Colmscomics" is exactly that - a fresh breath of air. The artist behind the comics likes to keep his humor dark at times and the cartoons often have unexpected endings with twists.

•Shadow Bunny•
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Cat's Café, a comic series written and illustrated by me, Matt Tarpley, tackles the experiences of life one cup of coffee (or tea!) at a time. As a guest at Cat's Café, you’ll get to meet a slew of lovable characters and discover their lives are strikingly similar to our own. Starring Cat (the owner of the cafe), Rabbit, Penguin, and other animals, these loveable characters explore important topics such as anxiety, diversity, and empowerment with a thoughtful touch.

Daniel Henson
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Sometimes all humans need is a dose of humorous self-reflection with a hint of inspiration, conveniently set in daily life. This is pretty much all that’s prescribed in one—colorful characters struggling with daily annoyances and celebrating the random details worth doing so. Awoo comics, created by AC Stuart, who also goes by Andy, feature a wolf pack, a middle-aged deer, and even a possum.

Jan Stein
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The series featuring new adventures of the best pals, Nerd and Jock by Marko Raassina, is back on Bored Panda. The webcomic by the Finnish artist has a great fanbase, counting over 500k on Instagram alone. We've previously published some episodes about this funny duo and other characters sharing adventures with them.