Funny kid costumes

Get ready for some laughter with these funny kid costume ideas. From adorable puns to clever pop culture references, find the perfect costume that will make everyone smile.
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Halloween's coming up, and Bored Panda's got you covered. Now that you've got your pets dressed up for Halloween, here are some kids' Halloween costume ideas to inspire you as well. Even if you don't have kids, you'll appreciate the creativity behind some of these costumes. Some are based on pop-culture icon references like Harry Potter or Breaking Bad, while others, like the old lady toddler, are timeless classics.

Po fong
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Halloween is a big holiday in North America, but not so much in other places in the world, although it is gaining more popularity. You can’t deny that it is an enjoyable time for adults who decorate their homes, consume everything pumpkin spiced and carve out jack-o'-lanterns.

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