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35 Times Tall People Hilariously Overshadowed Short People

What’s the weather like up there? Do you play basketball? Were you always this tall? That’s just a bite-sized collection of the types of questions that tall people have to deal with on a daily basis. However, most of them smile, chuckle, and get on with their day without worrying too much.

Not Noe
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How To Scorn Your Alarm

WikiHow is an online database of how-to instructions that aims to empower everyone in the world to learn anything they desire. However, it’s not only a useful resource for learning but also for funny content. With over 249K articles uploaded so far, there are some pretty niche instructables available, such as: “How to Make People Think You’re Immortal” or “How to Apologize to a Cat.” It’s no wonder that wikiHow memes emerge from such peculiar content.

Debbie Archimedes