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Maximize the potential of your garage attic with these creative ideas for extra storage and space. Transform your unused attic into a functional and organized area for all your belongings.
Is my attic floor over my garage strong enough to use it for storage and maybe as a small work area? - Home Improvement Stack Exchange Above Garage Attic Storage, Unfinished Attic Storage Ideas, Garage Attic Stairs, Finishing Attic Space, Attic Flooring Diy, Attic Storage Ideas, Garage Attic Storage, Attic Man Cave, Closet Conversion

Is my attic floor over my garage strong enough to use it for storage and maybe as a small work area?

I would like to use the attic space above my 2-car garage for storage of items around the house and garage, and if possible, utilize some of the space as a small work area. The previous owners left...

Tom Gara
The attic is often an underestimated storage space in our homes. It's a convenient spot to stash items that we don't use regularly or those that we're unsure of what to do with. However, not everything is suitable for attic storage. From temperature fluctuations to potential safety hazards, there are numerous factors that can affect the condition of items stored in the attic. In this blog post, we'll discuss what you should never store in your attic to ensure the safety of your belongings. Fun Attic Spaces, Closet In The Attic, Attic Closet Organization Ideas, Attic Renovation Storage, Organized Attic Storage, Crawl Space Attic Ideas, Attic Finishing Ideas, Attic Multipurpose Room, A Frame Attic Ideas

What to Never Store in Your Attic

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7 Things You Should Never Store in Your Attic, According to Home Experts

To minimize clutter, it’s tempting to store off-season items in a hard-to-access place like the attic. Out of sight, out of mind, right?But because of their location (at the tippity top of a house) and because many are unfinished and uninsulated, attics are prone to high heat and humidity in warmer months and freezing temperatures during colder seasons. Those unregulated conditions make attics a lousy place to store a lot of the things you’re inclined stash away for most of the year.

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Our Bonus Room above our Garage - Beneath My Heart

Hey friends! We got back from camping at Mammoth Cave National park here in the beautiful state of Kentucky, and we had soooo much fun! It was our first “family vacation” as a family of seven. :) It was definitely different having Sania Louise with us, but she loves the outdoors and had a great...

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