Garlic herb cheese spread recipe

Impress your guests with this mouthwatering garlic herb cheese spread recipe. Learn how to make a flavorful and creamy spread that will elevate any appetizer platter.
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Garlic Herb Cheese (Boursin Copycat)

If you've been following my recipes, you'll know that I may be responsible for Boursin being packed into your fridge. Once I discovered this French-style garlic herb cheese went way beyond the charcuterie board and was such a special ingredient for cooking, I started using it in many of my recipes. And the crowd went wild. Now you'll save on costs and make something so comparable, you'd swear it was the same thing.

Kris Jaeger
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Garlic Cheese Spread

This easy homemade garlic cheese spread is a soft, creamy dip blended with garlic and herbs. It's the perfect cheese appetizer to serve with crostini, crusty bread, crackers, and vegetables. Garlic cream cheese is absolutely irresistible, and you'll want to eat it on repeat.

Ronda Ford Hamilton