Gender reveal for classroom

Engage your students with exciting gender reveal activities in the classroom. Discover unique ideas to make the big reveal a memorable experience for everyone.
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It's a girl! My sweet teacher bestie, Mrs. Le, is expecting and today we did a gender reveal with our students. They were so excited! When the students came in for the day, I had them complete a couple pieces of morning work. First, they had to write down one piece of advice for the

Talia Wright
Gender reveal ideas for your class! My sister's in law blog on how she revealed the gender to the class:) Second Grade, Gender Reveal, Baby Lane, Reveal Ideas, Gender, Baby Diapers, Reveal, Having A Baby, Teacher

GIRL! We are having a sweet baby girl and we are so excited! We found out a week ago, although, she didn't want to show herself at first! 45 minutes and an orange Fanta later {bleh!} we finally got her to move those little legs :) After our appointment, we bought her first onsie and went to dinner with our families to share the big news. We had to eat the cupcakes before dinner because everyone was DYING to know. Plus, I knew I would accidentally say "she" at some point! I am 20 weeks along…

Heather 'Lynes' Williams