Generative Music

Discover the endless possibilities of generative music and immerse yourself in a unique audio experience. Dive into top ideas and techniques to create your own mesmerizing melodies.
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This course examines the history, techniques, and aesthetics of mechanical and computer-aided approaches to algorithmic music composition and generative music systems. Through creative hands-on projects, readings, listening assignments, and lectures, students will explore a variety of historical and contemporary approaches. Diverse tools and systems will be employed, including applications in Python, MIDI, Csound, SuperCollider, and Pure Data.

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Sarvam AI Secures $41 Million Funding for Full-Stack Generative AI Development Decision Making Process, Music Composition, Symbiotic Relationships, Financial Analysis, Future Trends, Making Extra Cash, Visual Media, Extra Cash, Data Driven

In recent years, the pervasive influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed diverse industries, redefining the way we interact with technology. Amid the multitude of AI methodologies, two distinctive players have emerged: Generative AI and Predictive AI. #AI

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Generative art tutorial without coding with a free online tool Programming Art Design, Creative Coding Art, P5js Art, Generative Art P5.js, Digital Art Installation, Generative Kunst, Coding Art, Drawing Area, Complex Shapes

Hi, I am part of the Acrylicode team and I want to share with you the tool I created for everyone to start creating generative art.The tool can be found here: you go there you should see this.Now you should be able to draw with your mouse by moving it while pressing inside the drawing area. Start with a simple shape (with very complex shapes the experience may be a little slow). Something like this:After you draw the shape you see that…

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