Gerbil cages

Discover creative gerbil cage ideas to provide a happy and active environment for your pet. Find the perfect cage design to keep your gerbil entertained and comfortable.
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IKEA Hamster cages have become a popular DIY project for many hamster owners. Hamsters need a minimum of 450 square inches and it can be hard to find appropriately sized cages for your hamster to happily live in. These four IKEA hacks/cages are a great alternative to store bought ones and can be fun to […]

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Gerbils are great rodents to have as pets. However, like other animals, they require a certain type of enclosure that is suitable for their needs, comfort, and safety. Gerbils require a bunch of small purchases in their cage. These include: food (& dish*) a water bottle/dish a hidey hut a wheel to run on (min: […]

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