Glasses for oblong face

Find the perfect pair of glasses to complement your oblong face shape. Explore top ideas and enhance your style with frames that flatter your features.
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Defining characteristic: You have length in your face! Either an elongated oval shape or elongated shape with a stronger jaw. Sometimes called rectangular. Similar to square face shape, but is longer and more narrow. Typically, a high forehead. Gracefully tapers to a well-defined narrow

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The right eyeglass frame will accentuate the inherent appeal of your face shape, while masking the disadvantages. Ergo, choosing the right one might just increase the chances of turning more heads, bringing the best out of your features. Diamond-shaped faces are the rarest of all, while oval ones are considered to be the most perfectly balanced.The type of eyeglass frame you wear, significantly affects your look and the first impression you make.

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How to pick the perfect pair of glasses

4 MINUTE READ Last week I sat on my specs. Not for the first time, but this time they’re a goner. The legs are splayed so wide that they would only fit a supersize face - Harvey Weinstein’s, for example, but fortunately, he’s not lurking about anywhere in the vicinity,

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