Glitter crafts diy

Get inspired to add a touch of glamour to your crafts with these creative DIY glitter ideas. Discover how to make stunning glitter crafts that will make your projects shine.
A simple DIY idea for a Crystal Ball craft - can be inspired by the Wizard of Oz, Disney's Haunted Mansion (Madame Leotta), or even Harry Potter. It would also make a great DIY Halloween decoration. Galaxy craft, unicorn craft Witches Crystal Ball, Crystal Skull Vodka Bottle Diy, Borax Crafts Diy, Harry Potter Inspired Crafts, How To Make A Crystal Ball Halloween, Magic Halloween Party, Witch And Wizard Party Ideas, How To Make A Crystal Ball Diy, Fortune Teller Ball Diy

A gorgeous crystal ball craft that kids can make - perfect for Halloween or a family movie night (Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Haunted Mansion, or that 80s classic Labyrinth)

Susan Jackson
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There’s no denying that glitter can add a certain elegance and sparkle to any crafting project. But as any crafter knows, the problem with glitter is that it falls off easily, especially on slick surfaces such as glass. Sealing glitter can prevent this, but how can you seal glitter without losing the sparkle? We’ve done […]