Gordon setter

Learn everything you need to know about Gordon Setters, from their regal appearance to their loyal and friendly nature. Find out how to properly care for and train your Gordon Setter, and explore the joys of owning this majestic breed.
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Male/female Gordon Setter dog name ideas Candy Princess Kishi Rosie Misty Duchess Vicki Venus Flora Cassie Zoe Dixie Sugar Zara Lola Honey Sophie Bella Cinders Empress Bobbi Chloe Emma Sandy Lily Penny Maddy Pepper Sheba Tasha Baby Cleo Sammy Juno Misty Lady Sasha Abby Roxy Missy Brandy Coco Annie Siouxsie Molly Maggie Daisy Lucy Sadie...Read More

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Gordon Setter. Reminds me of my boy as a pup! Gordon Setter, Dogs And Puppies, Puppies, Labrador, Dogs, Pup, Beautiful Dogs, Doggy, Canine

"Do you have a good name for a sweet puppy?" I thought I'd do this post for those who are acquiring a new puppy, be it from my kennel, or another. People often ask, "how do you choose a name?" There's all kinds of ways of course. Some choose, according to the way the puppy looks or acts. Like, Spot, Brownie, etc. My dog "Happy" was named that by my husband, because he was just a care free, happy little dog. It was perfect and my husband shortened it to "Hap" in the field. "Blackie" was named…

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