Grain silo

Discover innovative and unique ways to repurpose grain silos in your next project. Explore top ideas to transform these structures into functional and stylish spaces.
Architectural 1955 Silo Conversion in to a Home. See more art and information about Christoph Kaiser, Press the Image. House Design, Architecture, Modern Tiny House, Round House, Tiny House, Modern House, House Hunting, House, Recycled House

Architect Christoph Kaiser successfully Converted this 1955 corrugated steel-wall grain silo into a home in down-town Phoenix in the US. The home has a 230f² (21m²) footprint with a total 340f² (31.5m²) liveable space. When constructing homes, we are used to nice square 90 degree walls, so working off of a circular structure, posed some challenges. Keeping the design simple and with the addition of an upper floor, with a skylight, made sure that all of the essentials were able to be…

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This cozy silo guest house goes against the grain of housing standards. Far from corny, this setup threshes all expectations. Amy Kleinwatcher was already in the flow of alternative housing. She had built a home out of recycled materials. But the home seemed incomplete without a guest house. The end result was a liveable, if

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