Grass edging

Enhance the look of your garden with creative grass edging techniques. Discover top ideas to define borders, add structure, and create a stunning landscape. : Grass Barrier - Landscape Edging - 10" inch Depth - (20 feet) : Patio, Lawn & Garden Architecture, Landscape Designs, Outdoor, Jardim, Landscape, Backyard, Garten, Patios, Landscape Design

About this item Conventional edging does not provide enough depth for both a raised edge and also stop invading grass roots. Above ground, Grass Barrier creates a defined grass line and area to retain mulch, gravel or soil. Below ground, Grass Barrier forms a wall to shield grass and other invading roots. Flexible material is easy to curve & comprised of 100% recycled plastics. Made in the USA. Can last over 100 years and provide 200 pound-force of puncture resistance. 12 gauge thickness…

Ivy Wang