Growing tomatoes in containers

Learn how to successfully grow tomatoes in containers with these helpful tips. Discover the best container sizes, soil types, and watering techniques for a bountiful tomato harvest.
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You might be surprised just how easy it is to plant and grow a delicious crop of tomatoes in ordinary 5 gallon buckets. Not to mention the many benefits and advantages of growing in 5 gallon buckets! Here we take an in-depth look at those adavantages, as well as how to plant and grow your tomatoes in buckets like a pro!

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Growing tomatoes in containers is a little different than growing them in the ground. In this detailed guide, you’ll get all the tips you need to successfully grow tomatoes in pots. From choosing the right variety, container, and soil, to how to water and fertilize them, and much more. Growing tomatoes in pots can be very productive, and comes with tons of benefits. With the care tips in this guide you’ll know what varieties to choose, and how to keep them healthy throughout the season.

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Growing tomatoes in pots or containers can be great for gardeners that lack the space of a full vegetable garden. Tomatoes can be picky plants to grow, so it's important to make sure meet all their needs. In this article, gardening expert Sarah Hyde provides her top tips for growing tomatoes in pots or containers this season.

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