Growth mindset vs fixed mindset activity

Discover fun and interactive activities to help foster a growth mindset and challenge fixed mindset thinking. Empower yourself and others to embrace growth and achieve their full potential.
This is a printable growth mindset vs. fixed mindset activity that includes fixed mindset quotes in the left column that kids turn into growth mindset quotes and record in the right column. Planners, Devon, Ideas, Mindfulness, Mindset Activities, Growth Mindset Game, Growth Mindset Activities, Growth Mindset Lessons, Growth Mindset Activities Kids

Need help developing a growth mindset? This printable growth mindset vs. fixed mindset activity is great for kids! In the left column are fixed mindset quotes that they can turn into growth mindset quotes and record in the right column. This simple growth mindset exercise is a great way to practice creating growth mindset quotes. Head on over and download this printable today!

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Growth mindset or fixed mindset—can the way we think about ourselves and our abilities shape our lives? Absolutely. The way we think about our intellect and talents not only affects the way we feel, it can also affect what we achieve, whether we stick to new habits, or if we will go on to develop new skills.

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Calvin & Hobbes #GrowthMindset Vs. Fixed Mindset Anchor Chart.  So cute! Organisation, Pre K, Coaching, Teaching, School Counseling, Mindset Activities, Teaching Growth Mindset, Visible Learning, Growth Mindset Activities

I've had a lot of frustration this year with students that aren't willing to try. I often hear, "I can't" or "I don't want to" or "this is too hard." There have been several nights when I have laid awake thoroughly depressed over my inability to motivate them. Then I stumbled across something interesting on Pinterest (yeah, Pinterest!) yesterday: the concept of growth mindset vs. fixed mindset. I spent the next two hours (oops! forgot about dinner) reading everything I could find. It all…