Guardians of the galaxy game concept art

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking concept art of the Guardians of the Galaxy game. Get a glimpse of the stunning visuals and vibrant characters that bring this epic adventure to life. Dive into the world of Guardians of the Galaxy and discover the art behind the game.
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When we started this cosmic journey, it was extremely important for us to create our own unique version of Guardians of the Galaxy, and we were lucky to have the full support of Marvel Games to do so. This tall order also came with another caveat: to find an original visual signature for a sci-fi […]

Darkspine Comics
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I had the most exciting opportunity to be part of the Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Game team as a Senior Character Artist. Mantis was my favorite character to work on, I absolutely love how she turned out in the game. Art Director: Bruno Gauthier-Leblanc Character Team Lead: Genci Buxheli

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I had the great opportunity to work on one of the outfit for Starlord/Peter Quill for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy at Eidos Montreal. Always fun to do some outfits for the main character. Original Character Created by: Big Thanks to the character artist team for their feedbacks, help and support during all the production: ArtDirection: Bruno…

Kasper Jaksen
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As Senior Level Artist, I was partly in charge of the Quill Farm map, together with Maude Ariane Jubinville. I was specifically in charge of Peter's bedroom and the basement area of the house as well as parts of the house's exterior and barn. My main responsibilities included level composition, asset modeling/building, set dressing, creating materials, textures, and optimization/debug. It was a great privilege being given the opportunity to create Peter's bedroom and its content, as well as…