Guyanese women

Discover the stories of remarkable Guyanese women who have overcome challenges and made significant contributions. Be inspired by their achievements and join the movement for gender equality.
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Melanie Fiona This iconic musician attributes her success to her Guyanese heritage. Born in Toronto, Fiona started her music career as a member of the X-Quisite band before joining Drake’s Renaissance. She is currently working on her third album to be released this year.

Wilbert Adamsel
Here are the famous Afro-Guyanese people you might not know - Face2Face Africa Art, Africa, People, South American, African, African Diaspora, British Guiana, South, Guyana Flag

On this day in 1966, Guyana became an independent nation. The Caribbean nation had become a British colony from 1928-1953. The 1950s were filled with strife and agitation for independence, including what was termed as interference by the Central Intelligence Agency. In 1961, the British gave Guyana autonomy installing Cheddi Jagan as the Prime Minister until...

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