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Explore the flavorful world of Haitian cuisine with these mouthwatering legume recipes. Try these traditional dishes and add a taste of Haiti to your cooking repertoire.
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Haitian legumes are sometimes called Haitian legims, dependingon whether you include beans in it or not. Legumes are the same as beans, afterall. Haitian legims mean something a little bit different, though. The termrefers to a tasty Haitian stew that includes a mixture of different vegetableswhich offer an original, rich flavor to each bite. If you include beans andrice in with the legim dish, then you could technically call it Haitianlegumes. Haitian legim is a nationally recognized…

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Soup Joumou (Haitian Squash Soup) is served every year on the 1st of January as the Haitian nation celebrate its Independence. It is one of the most savored food as it is a rarity. Deliciously prepared to ones taste but the base is squash. Extremely filling, but yet the enjoyment of the sensational flavors with the proudness of freedom make this dish a unique experience that one must share.

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