Halloween potion bottles

Transform your Halloween decor with these creative and spooky potion bottle ideas. Discover how to make your own creepy concoctions for a bewitching Halloween display.
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Make your own Halloween potion bottles like old and spooky apothecary bottles. Many Harry Potter inspired labels too. Made with printable labels.

Pedro Henrique Rodrigues
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As I promised earlier, here are the Halloween DIY potions and wands I made with my kids. They are very easy to make and the process is fun for both kids and adults. I bought most of the bottles at Michaels superstore but you can also try your luck at local thrift stores and community garage sales. Also look around in your cupboards. You might find awesome ingredients for cool potions. Don't forget to share your pictures with us. So let's get down to business. WATER BASED POTIONS MERMAID HAIR…

Kortney Pickett