Halloween sugar cookies

Get into the Halloween spirit with these delicious sugar cookies. Decorate them with spooky designs and enjoy a tasty treat for the whole family. Try our top recipes and make your Halloween extra sweet.
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This easy recipe for frosted sugar cookies is delicious to make, eat and share all year round for every holiday and special occasion, but making cut-out cookies with Halloween cookie cutters in the shapes of pumpkins, ghosts, bats, black cats and mummies is spooktacular!

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Inspiration for cookie designs can come from just about anywhere. In this case, it came from a lengthy text conversation with my niece, Gloria. I have no idea how we two adults started texting about Disney and ornaments and villains, but what came out of it was the idea for these Snow White-inspired poison apple …

Anna Niles
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I’ve been making these delicious homemade sugar cookies every year for as long as I can remember. My mother made it a Christmas tradition, but Meriwether and I are making them any chance we get! Sure, they’re more work than slice and bake or store bought, but I promise they’re worth it. And truthfully, they’re...

Lisa Dornbos