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Discover a collection of unique Hatsune Miku outfits to take your cosplay to the next level. Explore top ideas for creating stunning and authentic Hatsune Miku looks that will make you stand out at any event.
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Ribbon Girl (リボンガール, Ribon Gāru?) is a Module for Hatsune Miku. It was one of the winning Modules in Part A of SEGA and piapro's collaboration contest for Project DIVA F.[2] The Module's attire consists of a pink hoodie sweater with plaid insides featuring multicolored stripes, white double stripes on the sleeves and cuffs, an emblem on the left side of the sweater, various small ribbons attached to the sweater, a dark pink bow tied on the right cuff, and a pink bow on the back, a pale pink…