Hayley wiliams

Explore the musical journey of Hayley Williams, from her early days with Paramore to her successful solo career. Discover her iconic songs, powerful vocals, and unique style that have made her a beloved figure in the music industry.

Hayley Williams gives us a glimpse into her pre-show prep before playing with her band Paramore at the Kia Forum. The singer plays out a “fashion moment” ove...

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First of all: Paramore! Gosh, I really love that band, I knew them since 2007 after I've heard one of their songs in a video on youtube, well, I fell in love in just a second. ;) I love the lyrics, the sound and the pretty amazing voice of Hayley Williams. *.* After their success with 'Decode' in the twilight-movies I was truly afraid of losing this band on the fangirls. But, thank god, I didn't! Hayley doesn't want to be that vampire-band. ;) On the 3rd december 2009 I finally saw them live…

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