Herbal plants

Enhance your garden with the finest herbal plants. Explore a variety of options to grow in your home garden and enjoy the benefits of fresh and organic herbs.
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Nithyakalyani plant also popularly called Sadabahar in Hindi has amazing health benefits and is very famous in India. Madagascar periwinkle is it’s botanical name. It is a very common garden plant that you will find in…

Anil Mahabole
This simple unassuming plant found on road sides and waste lands is one of the most nutritious plants that is rich in beta carotene, proteins and especially vitamin C. It can also be used as a first aid for insect bites and wounds.. Medicinal Herbs Remedies, Medicinal Wild Plants, Medicinal Weeds, Medicinal Herbs Garden, Herbal Remedies, Heath Benefits, Health Benefits Of Ginger, Plant Benefits, Ayurvedic Plants

Cleome Gynanadra is a small plant that is commonly found all over India. It has wonderful health benefits and medicinal uses and is widely used in traditional home remedies. I had the good fortune to meet…

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NOTE: This article is about 20 of my favorite medicinal healing herbs to grow in most garden areas and types of soil. There are 100’s more, though, that I just couldn’t include because of space. Enjoy this rundown of 20 of my favorites. Have you ever wondered which medicinal herbs are the best on