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Discover unique and innovative ideas for building your own camper trailer at home. Get inspired to create your dream mobile living space for your next adventure.
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Explore the world of RVing with expert advice on living, organizing, accessorizing, and camping in your RV. From full-time RV living insights to practical tips on van life and outdoor adventures, we cover all aspects to enhance your RV lifestyle.

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Remodeling a mobile home on a budget can be a tough nut to crack, especially if you have a passion for camping and the great outdoors. Luckily, our collection of 20 cheap DIY camper trailer ideas offers a wide range of low-budget solutions that you can build yourself. From teardrop trailers to custom campers powered by solar panels, you're sure to find an RV project that fits your requirements. Not only do these homemade camper trailer ideas save you money, but they also allow you to…

Lorri Blommel
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Make Your Own Tiny Camper From Scratch: In the summer of 2017, a Marine Corp buddy of mine got deployed and had to sell his house and gave me this old rotten camper that had been sitting on his property for a decade. I decided to restore it. Unfortunately the entire camper was rotten and…

Katlyn Gregory
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DIY 4X8 Micro-Tiny House Camper on Harbor Freight Trailer: I got this idea from a multitude of TLC shows. I did homework on this for quite some time before pulling the trigger. Using a little luck and a combo of other Instructables and whatnot, we tossed this together in about 2 weeks of working evenings.

LaTise Donaldson
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The Terrapin is Casual Turtle Campers' new model series of trailer campers. Similar in style and size to the small trailers of the 1950s and 60s, these campers are a great platform for road trips, car-camping, or to haul to the lake. They offer a little more room than is typically available in the bed of the truck, and can be disconnected to set up base camp. When mounted to a trailer frame, the possibilities for small custom campers are nearly endless This Terrapin has a lot of character…

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