Homemade natural shampoo

Discover how to make your own homemade natural shampoo with simple ingredients. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to healthy, luscious hair with these easy DIY recipes.
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Wash your hair with honey! If you had told me last year that my shelf of hair care products would be reduced to a homemade honey shampoo, I would not have believed you. Shampoo, conditioner, conditioning mask and painfully pricey anti-frizz serum... how could humble honey replace all of that? Let me start at the beginning. This past year, I've been on a crazy hippie journey to eliminate toxic products from my life. Now, I'm excited to say that all of my body care items are homemade and non…

Veronica DeWinter
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10 NATURAL ORGANIC DIY SHAMPOO RECIPES FOR HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH Exfoliation is the key to softer and smoother skin. It also applies to the scalp! When we exfoliate, we are actually unclogging pores and buffing away dead skin cells and product build-up if any. Similarly, exfoliating scalp helps unclog hair follicles and facilitates unrestricted hair …

Kayla Greene
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Shampoo: it's a fundamental part of our daily routines, elusively tucked away in our bathroom cabinets. But have you ever taken the time to decipher the perplexing list of ingredients on the back of your

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