How much sugar

Discover the truth about how much sugar you really need for a healthy diet. Learn the recommended daily intake and find tips for reducing sugar in your meals. Take control of your health and make informed choices.
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Sugar is scary. Even if you’re not focused on your diet or sugar intake, you probably still know that sugar isn’t perhaps the best food for your body - but just how bad is sugar, and how much do you really know about its effects? Well, in this post we’re getting into 12 MUST KNOW eye opening facts a

Chinwa Anyanwu
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Oh spin bike, we meet again. Thanks for the booty-kicking. I appreciate that. We got new spin bikes at work, and WHOA, they are amazing. I love the fact that the screen shows wattage (power), cadence, heart rate, distance and time. (The bottom left button enables you to create a “stage” that will track your…