How to hang up on facetime

Learn how to quickly end FaceTime calls with these simple steps. Say goodbye to lengthy conversations and get back to your day with ease.
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One of the cool new features that comes with iOS 17 is the ability to use your hands to create on-screen reactions that will transform your video call experience. The cool thing about this is, as long as you have installed iOS 17 on your device, this feature will work on any video call service, like Snapchat Video, Facebook Messenger Video, and a FaceTime call with an Android user. Here's how to trigger it!

Kylee Duplantis
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We’ve all been caught red-handed doing something we would rather have kept to ourselves. While you can look back and laugh about these moments, wouldn’t it be much more fun to laugh with others? That was the idea behind Jimmy Fallon’s #IGotCaught challenge, which has produced some pretty hilarious results.