Identical quadruplets

Learn about the fascinating world of identical quadruplets and discover the unique qualities that make them so special. Explore top stories, experiences, and tips from identical quadruplets themselves.
Holly, Jessica, Ellie, and Georgina Carles are Identical Quadruplets from England Identical Quadruplets, Celebrity Twins, Multiple Births, Multiples Baby, Twin Baby Boys, Family Of 6, Cute Twins, Boys And Girls Clothes, Identical Twins

Britain's only identical quadruplets take their first steps

They have been through some tough times in their short lives but for these incredibly rare identical sisters the world is now at their feet. In jeans and t-shirts the only identical quadruplets in the country are ready to toddle out and explore the big, wide world

Rita Marie Abell
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Quadruplets Set a Medical Record: The First Conceived Naturally From Four Separate Eggs -

These cute quadruplets in England set a medical first in the U.K. They are the first quadruplets ever to be conceived naturally from four separate fertilized eggs. The odds of natural quadruplets are about 1 in 700,000 and to have them conceived from four different eggs is even less likely. Here’s more on this amazing […]

Couple Welcomes ’Incredibly Rare’ Quadruplets Including 2 Sets of Identical Twins Identical Quadruplets, Pregnancy Scan, Identical Triplets, Ultrasound Tech, In Disbelief, Identical Twins, Old Mother, 29 Years Old, Twin Brothers

Couple Welcomes ’Incredibly Rare’ Quadruplets Including 2 Sets of Identical Twins

A couple wanted to give their 8-year-old daughter a sibling, but little did they know about the miracle heading their way. The family’s fortune changed when the 29-year-old mother had her first astonishing pregnancy scan, and all she and her husband could do was laugh in disbelief.

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