Indigenous north americans

Learn about the vibrant history and diverse traditions of Indigenous North Americans. Discover the fascinating customs, art, and spirituality of these indigenous communities.
Indian Races of North and South America (c) 1865 Indigenous North Americans, Indigenous Peoples Of The Americas, Indigenous People Of North America, North American Indians, American Indian History, South America, North America, Indian Tribes, Indigenous Americans

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Ralph Hutto
YOU ARE ALREADY HOME, "BLACK PEOPLE" Exposed: Most U.S. Blacks Are Native Americans North Carolina, Native Americans, Monuments, Indigenous North Americans, Indigenous Americans, American Indian History, African History Truths, Black History Facts, Black History Education

An Italian explorer, Giovanni da Verrazzano, wrote a description in 1524 of the "Carolina Indians" he encountered. He wrote, "The complexion of the Carolina Indians is black, not much different from that of the Ethiopians. Their hair is black and thick, and not very long, tied back behind the head like a small tail. As for the physique of these men, they are well proportioned, of medium height, a little taller than we are. They have broad chests, strong arms, and the legs and other parts of…

Asa Seamur Bey