Island green smoothie

Try these refreshing and healthy island green smoothie recipes to boost your energy and nourish your body. Find the perfect blend of tropical flavors and nutritious ingredients to start your day off right.
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Get ready to sip your way to wellness with this Detox Island Green Tropical Smoothie! Brimming with nutrient-rich greens and exotic fruits, this smoothie is a perfect blend of taste and nutrition that is even better than the restaurant. Make it today and experience paradise in a glass!

Ashley Simpson Griffith
Island Green Tropical Smoothie

This Island Green Tropical Smoothie is a copycat recipe from Tropical Smoothie Cafe. It's the only smoothie on the menu that contains no refined sugars, and it's so frosty and refreshing that I could drink one very day.

Carla Drain
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The inspiration for this smoothie comes from my favorite smoothie at Tropical Smoothie Café: the Detox Island Green Smoothie. Pineapple, Mango, Banana, Spinach, Kale, Fresh Ginger, that’s it! It has the lowest calorie and sugar count on their smoothie menu. It’s naturally sweetened from the fresh fruit and no dairy is added. My recipe does not include kale, however, the taste is still amazing and fresh!

Terri Irizarry