Italian pattern

Add a touch of Italian elegance to your space with these stunning pattern design ideas. Discover how to create a stylish and sophisticated look using Italian patterns.
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VITA is a tribute to the light, water, sun, greenery, colours, scents and flavours of the ‘cradle of civilisation’: the Mediterranean Sea. Ceramica Sant’Agostino thought that the best way was to create perfect majolica tiles in porcelain, paying tribute to art and tradition with unique ceramic invention and technology. Rendering such vivid colours on a shiny porcelain surface was a particularly engaging challenge met by our lab.

Ana Patricia Pacheco Ureña
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Italian Style Tile . Watercolor clip art collection. UPDATED more tiles and seamless patterns When history, Mediterranean art and wonderful landscapes blend together it is possible to capture the essence of the Italian lifestyle. With the charm of Amalfi coast, the eternal breath of Rome or the Renaissance fascination of Lake Como it’s impossible not to fall in love with Italy. Italian historical cities are lively, romantic, and certainly rich in fascination and history, each one able to…

Emile Geldhof