Italian renaissance dress

Step back in time with stunning Italian Renaissance dresses. Explore our collection of authentic and elegant dresses that will transport you to the enchanting era of art and culture.
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At some point during the summer of 2022, I was cleaning out my costume closet and decided I could revamp my old 1570s French Valois Gown into something … my friend Loren of The Costumer’s Closet had made some very pretty gowns inspired by The Borgias (2011-13) TV show, and that gave me an idea.Read the Rest of this Post...

Kay Hilgendorf
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I recently became highly obsessed with the TV show The Borgias, so when it came time for me to make my monthly Thrifty Thursday purchase all I could think about were Italian Renaissance dresses. Just look at these dresses! They may not be 100% historically accurate, but it is impossible to deny that they are pieces of art. Can you see why I was inspired? I got one white sheet, a pillow case that I stole the trim from, an opulent bed skirt, four pieces of light brown fabric, and a pearl…