Italian villa decor

Bring the charm of an Italian villa into your home with these stunning decor ideas. Discover how to create an elegant and inviting space inspired by the beauty of Italy.
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Explore three stunning modern Mediterranean kitchen design ideas that will transform your cooking space into a warm and inviting oasis that will wow your guests.

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Discover how to create your dream Mediterranean style living room with our guide. Explore ideas that blend coastal charm, rustic elegance, and sunlit warmth to transform your living space into a Mediterranean oasis. Get inspired by our unique design tips and photo ideas for a living room that combines natural beauty with sophisticated style, perfect for those who love the Mediterranean aesthetic.

Tuscan Villa, Tuscany Villa, Villa, Tuscany House, Tuscany Home, Tuscany Style, Tuscan House, Tuscany Homes, Italian Home Villa Laura is the very villa used in the filming of “Under the Tuscan Sun.” It was used as the Bramasole "double" because the Bramasole was already renovated and what was needed was a wreck. Now completely renovated, this beautiful luxury estate includes a villa and adjacent farmhouse set on eight acres, just outside of the wonderful art city of Cortona.

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