Iyengar yoga

Explore the benefits of Iyengar Yoga, a precise and therapeutic form of yoga that focuses on alignment and strength. Enhance your practice and experience the transformative effects of this ancient discipline.
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Yoga Posters

Yoga is an exercise program for everyone. Why don't hospitals do not incorporate yoga in their daily stay? Why yoga posters not in every home gym? Yoga posters remind us of the many different exercises and motivate us to do the healthful movements. Journey with us as we explore many great options-make yoga posters part of your home gym. Consider a great gift-a yoga poster for someone you love. Motivate and educate others in your gift giving.

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Ann Arbor School of Yoga | Immunity Booster sequence from BKS Iyengar

We hope you are finding time for your yoga practice. Here is a sequence from Guruji for boosting your Immunity. If you don't do inversions you could repeat head supported downward facing dog in place of head stand, and longer block or bolster supported bridge pose for shoulderstand. Please refer to the pictures on the

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9 Yoga Moves That'll Improve Your Posture: the "jet pack" - I can do this while working on the computer Iyengar Yoga, Jet Pack, Improve Your Posture, Camille Styles, Yoga Posen, Yoga Props, Yoga Iyengar, Yoga Strap, Yoga Moves

9 Yoga Moves That'll Improve Your Posture

You guys don’t need me to tell you all about the benefits of yoga; that the practice improves flexibility, balance and strength is common knowledge at this point. But did you know that the exercise can also work wonders for your posture (which some might say, could better your life overall)? It’s amazing what all […]

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