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Keep your jewelry looking brand new with our effective jewelry cleaner. Discover the best techniques and products to make your accessories shine and sparkle.
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DIY Miracle Fabric Cleaner! - Pink Polka Dot Creations

Okay have any of you out there tried this homemade Miracle Fabric Cleaner?! It really is what it says! I don’t where I have been all of my life, but this stuff is wonderful!! :)I have tried it on stains and they came right out. I have even tried it on old stains that have … Continue reading DIY Miracle Fabric Cleaner! →

Angela Reimann
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Here’s How to Clean Silver Jewelry the Right Way (And Keep It Sparkling for Years to Come)

Not sure how to clean silver jewelry? We gotcha covered. Here find a professional jeweler and expert cleaner’s advice on how to clean silver jewelry—and help prevent tarnish down the line.

Jamay May
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How To Clean Tarnish Off Your Costume Jewellery

A lot of people have fake silver or gold jewellery in between their more expensive jewellery, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, it brings colour and vibrancy to your wardrobe and allows you t…

Cindy McAtee