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Joan Walsh Anglund books were among my favorites as a little girl. Reading, Art, Illustrators, Book Lovers, Joan Walsh, Artist, Book Art, I Love Books, Readers

You are right Judith Ann! (referring to the question at the end of the January 12th post) Judith Ann commented "a friend is someone who likes you" is the title of an old book by Joan Walsh Anglund, published in 1958. You really tweaked my memory when you mentioned it. She wrote very sweet, gentle books for children." That's right Miss Judy from the West Side (I know who you are...)....The book "A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You" was one in a series of books by Joan Walsh Anglund that I loved…

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1988© Feb 1993 Feb 1995 Feb 1994 Feb 1992 1987© 1986© 1984© Here are more pages from Good Housekeeping Magazine featuring art work by the artist Joan Walsh Anglund. There may be duplicates from previous posts. These are all from February and feature a Valentine's theme. A few of these Children's Pages I don't know the exact date of, only the copyright date. These pages feature cut out Valentines and paper dolls with outfits. There is one pantin/jointed paper doll as well, This is it for my…

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