Keto beef jerky recipe

Discover a mouthwatering keto beef jerky recipe that is perfect for guilt-free snacking. Make your own flavorful and protein-packed beef jerky at home with this easy recipe.
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This Keto friendly and gluten free beef jerky recipe relies on honest and simple flavors without the use of chemicals or sugar substitutes to make a satisfying and delicious snack that everyone and anyone will love.

Brittany Bray
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You can make this low-carb beef jerky recipe directly in your oven (there's no need to buy a food dehydrator). It's sugar-free and loaded with a smoky flavor. Plus, you can eat 15 strips and still consume only 0.7 grams of carbs!

William (Bill) Morrison

Flank steak is thinly sliced and tossed with a few seasonings, then baked at low heat until transformed into deliciously tender beef jerky. With this homemade version, you can control the ingredients (no sugar) and spiciness to your taste, resulting in low carb, great tasting beef jerky.

Amanda Ellis