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Get your kids moving and active with these fun running ideas. Discover top ways to keep your kids entertained while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.
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Activity is important for kids of all ages. But when it comes to regular exercise, what’s the best way to get them moving? We all know that kids have energy to spare—the question is, what’s the best way for them to burn it? Is it better for kids to join a gym, or play a team sport? While it may seem like the best thing to do is just let them run in circles in the yard like puppies, the fact is, there’s a time and a place for different physical activities in a kid’s life. The number one rule…

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Exercise Programming that Maximizes Brain Benefits As young athletes develop, part of their growing skillset includes the ability to follow verbal instructions and make good decisions. This challenges kids to direct their attention and remain organized as they carry out goal-directed behaviors, using an ability known as executive function. Young athletes have an advantage in developing executive function because the brain regions that help us stay on task are highly sensitive to aerobic…

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