Kindergarten snacks

Fuel your little ones with healthy and delicious snack ideas for kindergarten. Discover easy recipes and nutritious options to keep them energized throughout the day.
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Inside: In need of some healthy packaged snacks for your preschooler? This roundup of 40 healthy store-bought preschool snack ideas is perfect for parents of toddlers and preschoolers who are looking for some easy school snacks to buy. I’ve been a mom for almost 6 years now and 3 kids later, it’s taken me a long time to learn this lesson: Not every meal or

Lauren Harrington
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My daughter’s favorite part of the school day is being snack leader. In Preschool, and now in kindergarten, a different child gets to be snack leader every day during the school year. The snack leader is assigned to bring in a snack bag to share with the class that day. You must bring enough for the whole class. Since snack leader is in charge of snacks, they have to figure out the perfect snack for all the students in the class. My daughter’s school's policy only allows store-bought…

Jena Morris
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Inside: Need some ideas for healthy grab-and-go after school snacks? In this post we’re sharing healthy snack ideas for kids (all store-bought), perfect for after school pick-up or after school activities! Today I’m going to share my girls’ all-time favorite grab-and-go snacks. The school year is a crazy busy time for us (as I’m sure it is for all parents!), so turning to store-bought options

Jessica Fosnaugh
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Inside: Need to send in a snack and lunch for Kindergarten this school year? I’ll show you how to pack both and keep everything cold and separated! Starting Kindergarten feels like a huge milestone, mostly because it is! Your former preschooler may have been home with you more and now you’re sending them off for a full day of school (and full of worry about

Brittany Price