Kingdom hearts keyblade

Unleash your inner hero with the iconic Kingdom Hearts Keyblades. Discover the top designs and wield the ultimate weapon to save the realms. Join the adventure now!
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Description All 18 of Sora's Keyblades plus Mickey's Keyblade from the first Kingdom Hearts. I finally figured out the KH1 *.wpn format so now I am able to get all the weapon models. I'll get to ripping Donald and Goofy's Staffs and shields later. The Keyblades belong to SquareSoft/Enix You can get the model pack here:…

Abbie Hamilton
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You were known all over Kuoh, you were known as 'Laughing Jack' a nickname that was given to you by the people, because you will always make people laugh with your preference around Kuoh. You were also know as the Gentle knight in Kuoh academy given by the girls.You weren't a student you hated to study because it boring and you will always fall asleep and by no means you weren't dumb you are actually one of the smartest people there is, you only went there to visit your 'girlfriend' Rias…

Dan Adam