Korean green onion pancake recipe

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Looking for an easy dinner idea? Make this Pajeon recipe: combine carrots and green onions with a simple batter and fry up some Korean Savory Pancakes with a delicious honey, garlic, soy sauce for dipping! Korean Cuisine, Savory Pancakes Recipe, Chives Pancake, Honey Garlic Soy Sauce, Pajeon Recipe, Korean Pancake Recipe, Korean Pancakes, Savoury Pancake Recipe, Green Onion Pancake

Craving a quick and delightful dinner? Try this Pajeon recipe! These Korean Pancakes are a mix of carrots, green onions, and a basic batter to create these irresistible, savory pancakes. Pair it with an irresistible honey-garlic-soy dipping sauce - perfect for a cozy evening!

Hannah Clark
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This Korean green onion pancake made with flour, scallions, kimchi, and egg is so nutritious and so easy to make. This is my lifesaver when I feel too lazy to cook but don't want to order takeout, because this pancake will only take me about 15 minutes to cook, and I always have these simple and healthy ingredients at home!

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Pajeon, which literally translates to green onion/scallion pancakes, are Korean pancakes that can easily be customised to your liking. For my version, I drew inspiration from Haemul Pajeon which are Seafood and Green Onion Pancakes. But of course since this is a vegan pajeon, I used king oyster mushrooms to mimic the texture of squid since it has a rubbery texture. I also added some extra vegetables such as carrot and onion for that extra crunch. I also made my own dipping sauce to pair…