Embark on a journey to Kyushu and discover its breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, and delicious cuisine. Find inspiration and plan your perfect trip to this enchanting region of Japan.
Exploring Oita Prefecture on Japan's Kyushu Island: Where to eat, where to stay and the best onsens to visit - thisNZlife Trips, Japan Travel, Japan Tourism, Island, Tourism, Places To Visit, Places To Go, Southern Islands, Beautiful Buildings

Kyushu, Japan’s southern major island, has rugged mountains, thick forests, glorious food, and plenty of steam. It’s also heating up for this year’s Rugby World Cup. Words & Photos: Lee-Anne Duncan Japan's Ōita Prefecture, on the north-eastern coast of Japan’s Kyushu Island, figuratively bathes in its steamy reputation. The area, famous for its hot springs, has been soaking in its geography for at least a millennium and will stay that way for as long as its three local volcanoes remain…

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