Lach hook rug

Discover how to create stunning latch hook rugs with these top ideas. Transform your space with unique and colorful designs using this popular craft technique.
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Purchase latch hook rug binding. Fold over the canvas and place the binding over it to determine how much you need to trim. You do not want to see the canvas edges once you have sewn the binding. Cut around the canvas leaving three squares on each side. This will leave enough room to fold over and still be covered by the binding. Fold down all sides of the canvas and press down with your fingers to crease. Start at one corner and lay the binding over the folded canvas. Stitch a few stay…

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Do you remember those crazy latch hook kits you got when you were a kid, of course maybe I'm aging myself, I grew up in the 70s, so latch hook kits and those velvet marker kits were a big thing. Latch hooking has actually made a comeback in the last few years. Kits are still being sold at your local craft stores or online but there is not a lot of variety in design. Basically the kits still consist of puppies, kittens and landscapes, oh and butterflies. Although these styles may be popular…