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Little Bah Peep Full Size Doll (#52) Sewn on February 20th (Love Your Pet Day) Sewn from Little Bo Peep’s Bonnet Pet(s) Two Sheep Diy, Toys, Dolls, Fimo, Amigurumi Patterns, Lalaloopsy Dolls, Dollies, Lalaloopsy, Cute Dolls

Little Bah Peep is Lalaloopsy Land's very own shepherd! She loves animals more than anything and loves to play follow the leader with them. However, she's really forgetful so she has trouble remembering where she put something or finding things in general. Whenever she loses something she gets very upset. Unfortunately, this happens a lot! Little Bah is the older sister of little Bow Bah Peep. Her name comes from the nursery rhyme character Little Bo Peep whom she was inspired by, as well as…

Lynn Anderson
Lalaloopsy Series 8 - Scoops Waffle Cone Edes needs this Kawaii, Disney, Kids, Dolls, Fashion Dolls, Barbie, Character, Minnie, Cute

Scoops Waffle Cone is Lalaloopsy Land's ice cream enthusiast. She's a triple scoop of fun! She loves to have fun all day while enjoying a nice cold treat. She always keeps her cool and loves variety, but many times she can be indecisive about many things and can't seem to make up her mind. Scoops is the older sister of little Spoons Waffle Cone. Her name is based off of one of her favorite foods - scoops of ice cream in a waffle cone! Scoops has brown skin with pink cheeks and standard eyes…

Marcia Lima
Pink, Toys, Dolls, Kawaii, Halloween, Fashion Dolls, Dollies, Lalaloopsy Dolls, Little Princess

Jewel Sparkles is the most graceful princess in all of Lalaloopsy Land. She is highly cultured in the finer things in life, from art to dance. She owns the largest collection of tiaras in the land and she loves teaching her friends about etiquette and poise. She enjoys the spotlight and seeks attention whenever she can get it. Jewel is the older sister of little Trinket Sparkles. Her name is based off of her infatuation with the most sparkly jewels she can dazzle herself with. Jewel Sparkles…

Cloud E. Sky | Lalaloopsy Land Wiki | Fandom Figurine, Blue Eyes, Amigurumi Patterns, Barbie, Fan, Dolls, Kawaii, Disney, Lalaloopsy Dolls

Cloud E. Sky is Lalaloopsy Land's gentlest and most lighthearted resident angel. She's girly, giggly and very soft-spoken. She loves daydreaming and is so light and airy, she barely makes a sound! Cloud E. is the sister of Storm E. Sky and the littles Breeze E. Sky and Rain E. Sky. Her name comes from the white fluffy clouds that make up her appearance, as well as the bright blue sky that matches her eyes! Cloud E. is a fair-skinned girl with sky blue button eyes and bright, pale pink…

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Tart Berry Basket is Lalaloopsy Land's strawberry enthusiast! She is super sweet and sometimes a bit tart. She loves green fields on a warm summer day and anything dipped in chocolate makes her favorite dessert list. Her name comes from tart berries as well as baskets. Tart has a fair complexion with pale pink cheeks and tickled pink hair worn in low, curled pigtails. She wears a red strawberry for a cap with a large white bow attached, along with a puffed red dress covered in light green…