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Unleash the power of the LEGO Hulk with these awesome sets. Build and play with your favorite Marvel character and recreate epic battles. Get inspired and start building today!
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This article is about the minifigure. For the Ultrabuild figure, see 4530 The Hulk. "Puny god!" ―The Hulk in The Avengers The Hulk, also known as Bruce Banner, is a Minifigure in the Super Heroes theme. As Hulk is a human with distorted proportions, he is larger than a normal minifigure. Hulk has molded black shaggy hair, his face depicts him as being angry with his mouth open and teeth showing. He is sculpted to be extremely muscular and only his arms and hands are moveable. Hulk's hands…

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Red Hulk is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure who appeared in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, LEGO Marvel's Avengers, and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. He was physically released in 2017. General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross was a celebrated US military-general who was positioned at the military-base in New Mexico where Dr. Bruce Banner was developing his Gamma Bomb. Ross never liked Bruce Banner as he believed him to be weak and unmanly while also disdaining the doctor's romantic-relationship with…

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